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Why use Vantage Property Finders?

The Benefits

Regardless of the state of the UK property market, there is always intense competition for the best properties. 

Vantage Property Finders offer a high quality search and acquisition service for residential property and by retaining our services, you will benefit from our local expertise and contacts, which will put you at an immediate advantage. Established in 2002, we are proud to have been able to help clients from all over the world with their property searches.  

The whole process of buying or renting a property can be a taxing one. Even when you think you know exactly the type of property you are looking for, the road to finding and securing it can be a long and frustrating one, filled with many challenges along the way.

Saving you time

With so many property portals around these days, you might think that the process is simply just a case of browsing around, seeing something you think you might like and then going to see it. However, searching for a property can be a very time consuming and, at times, frustrating and unsuccessful process.

It’s very often the case that what appears to be the case online is so often not the case in reality. Property images shown online are often unrepresentative of the truth. Even when you do see properties that you think you might like, the process of checking they meet your criteria, then booking and attending viewings can be a very time-consuming process. It takes time to understand a market and what represents good value and so, our clients understand the value of having a professional constantly focussing on their search on a daily basis.

In a fast paced and competitive market, being fast enough to find, view and secure a good property can be very tricky. We do the work to filter out properties that do not meet your criteria, ensuring that your time will not be wasted, viewing properties that are unsuitable for you. 

Saving you money

Remember, the sales or lettings agents are representing only their vendor or Landlord and it’s their job to get people through the door of the properties that they are trying to sell or rent. It, therefore, makes sense to level the playing field by having someone representing your interests as a buyer.

We will provide you with factually based advice on market conditions and property values which will inform your decision making and help you secure the best property for your needs at the best possible price. Through skilled negotiation, we often help to secure properties at discounted levels, saving our clients sums of money that are well in excess of the fee we charge.

Clients of Vantage Property Finders also have a distinct advantage in that agents view them as serious and committed buyers or tenants and this gives them considerably more leverage with agents, which is a significant help when negotiating a deal.

Should you be lucky enough to identify a property you like and look to put an offer forward, there are still many things that can go wrong when it comes to trying to negotiate a good price and getting the deal done. Even for natives of the UK, navigating the legal process can be hard enough, let alone if you are an overseas buyer. 

Getting you through the door

Not all properties reach the open market and hence they are classified as ‘off-market’. Their particulars are shared with a select group of selling agents. This is where the strength of our relationships with agents pays real dividends, when we are able to get you through the door to view properties that are otherwise under the radar.

Being granted this privilege puts you in a very select club and again provides you with a great deal of gravitas in the eyes of a selling agent. All factors that enhance your chances of buying the property of your dreams.

Complete discretion

We appreciate that some of our clients may wish to protect their identities throughout the process of purchasing a property. We understand that and are very used to working with clients who wish to keep matters confidential. If required, we are happy to work under a non-disclosure agreement and will ensure that your anonymity is protected wherever possible.

Making sense for us to help you

Buying property is often an emotional rollercoaster and having a professional property finder by your side every step of the way can be the difference between success and failure or a good deal or bad deal. Vantage property finders are independent and impartial with full market coverage.

We are not affiliated with any Estate or Letting Agents and act entirely on behalf of our clients. We represent the best interests of our clients at all times and scour the entire market and off market, to ensure they are seeing the best properties available at any given time. 

For more information about using our property finding services and for answers to some frequently asked questions, click here FAQ’s.


The power of transport on London house prices

Recent analysis by the lender, Nationwide, has discovered that on average, home buyers are prepared to pay 9.4% more for a property with easy access to public transport. Londoners are prepared to pay the equivalent of a £42,900 premium for a home within a 5 minute walk of a Tube or railway station. Prices of homes within 500 metres of a station were compared with similar properties nearly a mile away.

The report also indicated that people living in London place much more of an emphasis on this convenience factor, in comparison to their counterparts buying properties in other large British cities. For example, those living in Manchester were prepared to pay just 7.8% more to be near to a railway or Metrolink station whilst those living in Glasgow were only prepared to pay an extra 3.8% to be close to a rail or subway station.

The report from Nationwide also analysed the London boroughs with the best and worst access to public transport links. It determined that Kensington & Chelsea, Camden and Tower Hamlets were the best connected, with 75 % of properties being within 500 metres of a station, whilst Barking, Bexley, Dagenham and Havering had fewer than 20% of homes that close to either Tube or rail links

House price variations along the Tube network were also looked into. It was found that homes along the route of the Circle Line were the most expensive, coming out at an average of £801,000, whilst second most expensive on average, were homes along the Bakerloo Line. Despite the high average cost of Circle Line homes, the Circle Line itself regularly ranks as one of the least popular, due to the poor reliability of its service.

Lowest average prices of homes along the main Tube routes were found to be along the Metropolitan line, where the average price was £439,000. Lower prices, still, were to be found along the routes operated by Transport for London Rail, at an average of £359,000.

So, it’s clear, that for that little bit of extra convenience, particularly in London, you are going to have to stump up the cash!

Photo by Joseph Balzano on Unsplash


How house prices across the UK are affected by the London property market

The continued cooling of the market in London, with buyers maintaining a degree of caution during spring, has continued to drag down UK house prices overall. Annual growth in the capital, for the year, to April 2019, was the lowest of any UK region. Prices fell by 1.2%.

Based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), prices rose by an unadjusted 0.7%, month on month, in April, which was the first rise in eight months.

London continues to be the most expensive place in the UK to buy a property with an average price of £472,000. This is closely followed by the South East and the East of England with average prices of £319,000 and £289,000 respectively. Prices in the South East of England also dropped 0.8% during April, which was the first time since 2011 that annual prices have dropped in the region.

So, it is clear that, not for the first time, London house prices are pulling back the wider UK market, which has already been slowing. An overall shortage of stock, accompanied by low unemployment and mortgage rates continues, however, to prop up prices. Many vendors also continue to be convinced that there will be a post-Brexit bounce in prices. Right now, only those vendors that are prepared to recognise and accept the current market conditions are likely to be successful in selling their properties.

Such data reinforces the viewpoint that the property market is still struggling, due to cautious buyers, with an uncertain backdrop of Brexit, political and economic circumstances. Significant regional variations do exist, but it’s clear that London and the South East continue to apply brakes to the broader UK market.

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash

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